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ATG – traditionally good!
Service quality

As far as time goes back, the right to hospitality in Yemen has always been something special. ATG considers itself to be committed to this welcoming Yemeni tradition, and puts the satisfaction and safety of its customers at the forefront of things.

With this in the background, we have set ourselves standards that we will never fall short of, not even in favour of a cheap offer. ATG always strives to be and remain the best agency – and not just the cheapest.

Our vehicles undergo regular inspections; our excellent drivers and experienced guides are always a guarantee for the success of all ATG tours in Yemen.

With the target of your friendship for the country and its inhabitants in mind, we will be happy to accept all of our customers’ criticism and comments. Of course, there will always be aspects in need of improvement or problems that have to be cleared up, for this reason we will be very thankful for your assistance in making such improvements. An email to info@atg-world.com will be of great help, and you can be certain that every suggestion will be taken seriously.

ATG Objectives and self-definition

The Abu Taleb Group is a commercial business and shall accordingly earn money. There are however, further objectives also listed in our register.

Due to a number of occurrences, the image of Yemen has come to some suffering, this mainly due to improper reporting. Such as YATA previously, ATG would like to assist as often as possible. During organisational matters and consultation, we are always happy to stand aside representatives of television and the press, who have the objective of not just borrowing clichés, but who would like to, with open eyes and a clear mind, produce an impartial image of Yemen, which is all too often misunderstood. 

Since the beginning of his work within and for the Yemeni economy, Abdulkarim has always understood it to be his assignment to provide help to his home country, and to remain active within its progression and build-up. In this sense, ATG will now and in the future; also show commitment in other areas, which should have a positive effect on the development to the country.

As a part of this background, ATG will willingly continue to support foreigners and their organisations and foreigners and their diplomats, as well as dedicated work such as that of the DAI (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut – German Archaeological Institution).

The main objectives of Yemen, to which ATG would also like to contribute to, are:
The promotion of international business relationships, the acquisition of borrowed capital for Yemen and at the same time the promotion of the country, its economy and thereby the population.

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Al Hajjarah

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