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Documentary filming permissions

We, at Abu Taleb Group are ready to arrange and organize all the necessary procedures for those who would like to shoot documentary movies or videos in Yemen for international TV stations, it is a mandatory rule to get filming or photographing permission before you start this activity, the Yemeni Government issues such permissions smoothly if applied through the ministry of information in time and before the arrival of the photographer or TV crew in Yemen.

The period of issuing the permission does not take longer than one week usually, but before that we have to inform the ministry some specific details such as the exact itinerary of your stay in Yemen, which locations are going to be filmed, the number of the crew and the type of equipments to be used. You can contact us anytime to discuss all details and to make sure that all steps will be done to make your mission as easy as possible.     

The good news for armatures and normal tourists - You are free and more than welcome to use your handi cam  or camera without any issues, the rules mentioned above will be applied only for Broadcasting crews and professional media organizations.