Arher is located on the north-east shore of Socotra. It takes about 1 and a half hours by car from Hadibo to Arher.
Arher is a popular camping spot being between two big dunes. Visitors usually go to Erissel beach for swimming before coming here. It is also possible to bathe near the camp, but in this case you will have to go about 500 m to the right or to the left to avoid walking along rocky sea bottom opposite the stream, or put on special swimming slippers.
The camping site has fresh water but a lack of shower and toilet rooms. So, you can take a natural bath in a fresh water stream. You can make bonfires by burning wood fuel brought with you and grill fish and potatoes if you would like.
Those who possess great physical strength and endurance may climb one of the dunes. Most tourists prefer climbing the right dune. But if you scramble up the second one you will be rewarded with a great unusual view. If you take cameras remember the risk of it being exposed to sand. And do not forget to take water because the route is much more difficult and longer than it seems to be.
Arher is famous for its eel swarms. So, if you explore grassed verges of the stream you will definitely see some eels, which are up to 1,5 m long. Better not catch them, they are too bony and tasteless.
Please remember to leave the place cleaner than it was before your coming, so make sure to burn all combustible refuse or collect it and take it with you to Hadibo.

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Arher beach located on the north east coast and it is one of the most beautiful parts of Socotra. There are huge sand dunes, beaches, cliffs, fantastic rocks and small oases on the shore of the Arabian sea, which is a meeting point of salty and fresh water, with huge dunes going down from top of mountains to the turquoise sea.

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In 2003, the island was pronounced (The Man and Biosphere Reserve) by UNESCO, and in 2008, it was listed as a World Natural Heritage Site.

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