Detwah Lagoon

Detwah Lagoon is definitely one of the most impressive places on the island's coast. There is a camping spot with toilet and shower rooms, where visitors can stay overnight. Fresh water is also available for your use.
Qalansia is the best start point for seeing the lagoon. After driving through the village, your car goes up a low hill where you will be able to enjoy an incredible overall view of the lagoon. You have an option to go down to walk along the lagoon shore, a slow walk at the seaside takes about 3 hours. Please, remember to protect yourself against the sun and take drinking water.

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Turquoise Lagoon

Detwah Lagoon is known for its spectacular landscape and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the water is crystal clear

Detwah on map

Socotra forms one of the world’s 221 globally important Endemic Bird Areas (BirdLife International recognizes 22 Important Bird Areas on the islands).

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