Dixam Plateau

Dixam Plateau is located in the central part of Socotra. You can go there by a good asphalt road which can lead you to get to Noged (the south coast of the Island).
When you leave the main road, you will drive by a small village where you can buy Dragon’s blood. It is the name used for a red resin obtained from Dragon Trees. It is a good immunostimulant and wound-healthing remedy.
After passing by the village you have an option to turn to the left to reach the verge of Socotra’s most beautiful canyon (Wadi Dirhur). The late afternoon would be the best time to come here, the soft evening light makes surrounding views look fantastic. Visitors often use this place for camping. But it may be cold and windy at night. There is a near camping spot which would be more comfortable.
If you would like you could walk down to the brink of the canyon and discover some caves that are still inhabited by mountain shepherds.
Do the next stop near the wood of Dragon Trees.

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Dragon blood trees

In Ancient Rome gladiators smeared their bodies with the resin extracted from Dragon Trees. It hastened healing of their wounds by reducing blood loss. It is considered that Dragon’s blood has greater healing properties than well-known Mumiyo. Except the resin you can also buy here dried juice of the Socotran Aloe, frankincense and clay smoking jars.

Dixam on map

Try to find a blood-red clot of resin on the bark of a tree, climb its crown or just lay half an hour in its shade and enjoy the thought that you see an endemic that may be more than one thousand years old!

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