Hadibo is the capital of Socotra and the main city. Actually there isn't that much to see in Hadibo, but here are where most hotels and restaurants located. The airport is about 15 minutes from Hadibo by car.

Did you know that...
The name of Socotra

According to the most authoritative opinion the name of Socotra comes from a Sanscrit term for the “abode of the blest” (dvipa sukhadhara). East historians spell the name of the island as Soqutri, Sou'qatra or Soqotra. Antique Greeks called it Dioscorida, Romans - Dyo-Socor-Yahlas or Dyo-Sotori. In an ancient Greek dialect the name of Socotra sounded as Fia-Soqa'tra or Soqater. It is also assumed that the name of Socotra may be derived from the Arabic suqs qutra (means “the market of dragon’s blood”- a reference to the resin of its most famous tree species).

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