Shauab Beach

You can get to Shauab Beach by boat from Qalansia village. It takes about an hour and a half then you will arrive to a marvelous and unbelievable isolated place of the island.
There is a wonderful underwater world here which is a perfect spot for snorkeling.
When your boat continues its way you will find yourself on a breath-taking sand beach, with its turquoise water, it is one of the best places on Socotra island.

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Shauab bay

Shauab bay is overrun with fish. It is quite easy to catch tuna, barracuda or redfish by a trammel net on your way to the sand beach. You can also hook herrings schooling near the shore of Shuab bay.

Shauab on map

Setting off on a journey to Shauab, do not forget to take a sunburn cream, a kerchief or a cap to protect yourself against the sun. Also, to avoid catching a cold take something warm to put on in case you meet wind and spoondrift on your way back.

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