In Skand you will get astonished by a jungle of huge plants, also it has the highest peak in the island which reaches to 1525 m above sea level, it also has many endemic plants and trees. You can reach here by the same road that goes through Dixam. You can take a walk to the edge of vertical cliffs to see many ruins of ancient constructions. If you go a shade down you will find a few local houses where friendly and cheery people live.

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Ancient world

Socotra Island was rather famous in the ancient world for its healing and aromatic resins, endemic plant gums, the world’s best aloe, amber, musk, pearl, as well as for its great role in the sailing shipping industry of the Arabian Sea. As far back as in Alexander of Macedon’s times Socotra supplied a great deal of not only frankincense and myrrh, but also Dragon’s blood (Dragon Tree’s resin), which was rubbed in by gladiators before combats for quick wound healing.

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Socotra island is one of the Globe 200 important eco regions (according to WWF).

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