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According to legend, Sanaa was founded by Noahs son Sam, and is considered to be the worlds oldest town. The old centre of the Yemeni capital city belongs to those from the UNESCO distinguished cultural heritage of the human race, because of its unique architecture and the completely preserved townscape. During a round trip through the old town, one is able to experience the bustle beyond the Bab al Yemen in Souq, and the peace and quite within the area of the living quarters. The visit to an artisan centre leads to a restored Samsara (Caravansary) and the ascent onto the roof of one of the typical tower houses provides a wonderful view across the old town. It is here where the large mosque is to be found, one of the worlds oldest Islamic houses, which had been built during the lifetime of the prophet Muhammad. During renovation work, concealed scripts were found, these belonging to the oldest and most precious Islamic documents in the world. A visit to the recently renovated museum, which is resident in one of the old Imams palaces, takes one even further back into the history of Yemen.


Wadi Dhar

The Wadi Dhar is a fruitful valley populated since early times and situated not far from Sana'a. Amidst the gardens of fruit and qat-trees; the famous rock palace is elevated on a singular rock of the Dar al-Hajjar. At one time, it was the summer residence of the last Imams Yahiya, and subsequent to careful renovation work, offers visitors from all over the world an impressive example of architecture from the Yemeni mountainous area.

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